My doorstep is 1 minute from the sea. Also, 1 hour from an international airport and a port. I prefer the airport a thousand times.

I never had a camera until 2008. My mother always had one, but I rarely laid a hand on it.


Surprisingly, I discovered a new world. And I took a deep dive. When I got my first camera, I hadn’t had a clue what to do with it. Some years later it is clear that it was something that changed my life.


Natural and unobtrusive, a guest with an observing eye to capture all the love and the feelings of you and your favorite people in the world. This is what I like to be.

The camera, that I once got out of pure instinct, is now my eye to see the world.

Images we make today will live forever. Many people will touch them in the future. They will be told a story. Your story.


Whether it needs a short drive from home, or to ride a plane to meet you, personal connection is the path to making beautiful images together.

I like to know how you met your other half, where you live, what you like or don’t…

To get to know who you really are. Then capturing your story will flow gently, as I will find myself among friends.