Engagement Photography in Warsow | Aga and Panos


Well, this post will be in English only. As two and a half days in Warsow with Aga and Panos, we have been walking and talking so much, that still a few days after I am back from this sweet engagement photography session in Warsow, I am thinking in English.

Aga is from Kozcalin, a city in Northern Poland. Panos is from Corinth, a city near Athens, Greece. They both have made quite a few rounds around the world, to work, study or just visit friends. I guess they probably will make some more in the future. Currently, they live in Warsow where I met them last week.

When you are in a new city and are hanging out with locals, you get to dive a little deeper than the usual “tourist view”. Aga was the perfect tour guide. She managed to make me understand the modern daily life in the city, along with the long and turbulent history (part of which today’s Warsowians want to forget). She also knew some good places to eat, so I tasted the traditional Polish cuisine. Pierogi with fruits, some sour beef soup and potato pancakes.

I had a great time moving through the city, with this sweet couple. And as we had a rather extended pre-wedding session,  I also had the chance to capture some of the love they share for each other. They are so calm and elegant, a pleasure to have them in front of a lens, but mostly they are the best company.

Aga and Panos, thank you for having me there. I can’t wait for your wedding in August.

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