A Small Wedding in Grand Resort Lagonisi | Dimitra & Michael

In a few days, I will be on a boat to Hydra island, for a small, intimate wedding, of two architects. Before packing my bags (once again this year) I find myself editing the images of a small, intimate wedding of …two architects. What a coincidence!

Dimitra & Michael currently live in Chicago. They both have studied Architecture in Greece, and now are sharing their talent and skills in a far away place. This summer they decided to tie the knot and they had a last-minute planned, but very sweet and intimate wedding. The venue was in Grand Resort Lagonisi, a place that feels so far from Athens, yet it is less than an hour’s drive.

As expected of an architect, everything was in style and harmony. And by the not-so-much time that I had with the two of them, I can tell that all things big and small were exactly matched with their personality. This is what I told Dimitra when she appeared a liitle worried about how she would look in the photos.

And here are they…



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